Frequently Asked Questions

#1 How fast do I ship? When Items are in stock. Same Day or Next day. If Item is out of stock, usually a few days before it is made up. If I have supplies out of stock, it could be up to 2 wks , then I would let you know.

#2 What is the fastest way to get orders? Order on the website, and be sure to fill in dog info & measures.

#3 What if I need something I do not see on the web-site? Call in Custom Orders…

#4 What if I receive an order that does not fit? Send back the item “un-used” with a Note of correct size for expedient replacement.

#5 What if I see what I like but want it a little different? Click and order the item, there is a Special Instructions Box in the Order Form where you can customize your request, with in reason i.e.. if you change my design, add leather & or hardware … it’s a custom order.

#6 Do I give Discounts for Club Trophies? Yes…Hogan Leather will supply prizes for your Specialty Event!

#7 How do I ship? Trackable – USPS Priority Mail USA & First Class World wide.