Care of Custom Leather Products

Our English Bridle Leather is slowly vegetable tanned with the right amount of waxes, greases and tallows producing a strong, weather resistant and long lasting Leather.

For cleaning and quick softening we have available our choice of Saddle Soap.

Can we get this Leather Wet? Yes…

Classically after a long sweaty trail ride we washed our Tack with ” Fiebings Saddle Soap” This is what we recommend for maintenance on our English Bridle Strapping.

The Saddle Soap is a wonderful choice for Softening and Feeding the Leather. Just dampen a soft cloth, swirl up a little paste and rub into the strap paying attention to the backside. Let stand a minute and “slick” through a clean cloth. This will keep that smooth rubbery feel to your Bridle Leathers.

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