Showing Dogs

Australian_Shepherd[1]SHOWING DOGS is a lot of fun and for some of us it is also very competitive. Paying attention to detail is of the utmost importance! From wearing the best colors to backdrop your dog, to choosing the most functional tools… your Show Leads and Collars! Get the winning edge and choose the lead and collar combination that best suits the personal space between you and your dog. For instance, if you are 5’ tall and you are showing a Mastiff you would want a shorter lead with a little more strength. If you are 6’ tall and handling a Schnauzer you would choose a longer line in a light weight. Combine this by best matching the color of your lead to the color of your dog, this way there are no lines that take away from the whole picture of the dog.

Always take note of the Quality of the Snaps and Rings used in the products you buy, it can be unforgiving when hardwares break… Chrome Fittings may be complementing to Black, Grey, Salt & Pepper, or Marled coats. For Tawny, Browns, Brindles, and Reds the Solid Brass blends well.

Premium English Bridle Leather is the most valuable choice in sport tack. From Equestrian to Canine competition, this leather has long been the favorite of professionals. The feel is smooth and flexible; it also has excellent tensile strength and folds up nicely in your hand. English Bridle Leather stays supple with a little Saddle Soap maintenance and it lasts for years. It is especially comfortable when handling stronger dogs, because the leather does not cut into your hand like nylon.

As we all know, keeping our Show Dogs in their very best coat is something we work very hard at. There are “coat saving” chains in a Hexagonal Link that come in Gold and Chrome. The most popular are the Rolled Leather Collars. Rolled Leather Collars have a carved, round, smooth edge that will not Break or “Pack” the coat. These can be found in Show Choke and a variety of Buckle Collar Styles for daily use. Consider your strategy, safety and style when choosing your equipment.